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Paht Chee (Bazi) / 4 Pillars of Destiny - Life Reading Service

It is sad that Michael Jackson passed away so young . The world has just lost an extra-ordinary talented and charitable person.

Is Michael Jackson's passing, destiny?

View from Chinese Astrology, Bazi. Read more......

Michael Jackson

born on 29th August 1958

The life of a person is destined at the moment of birth. This is what the Chinese termed "Heaven's Luck". 

The Destiny or the life of a person can be decoded from the birth data of a person by using the ancient Chinese Art of life reading which is known as Paht Chee or 4 Pillars of Destiny. 

The Destiny of a person's life cannot be changed. However, once your birth data is decoded, you can improve your life by tapping on the most "Favourable Qi", and by avoiding the most "Unfavourable Qi". 

A good analysis of the prevailing "Qi" or the energy combination at the moment of your birth can provide information on your life and guidance to improve your life. 

Using the 4 Pillars of Destiny, we can read the following :

  • The Destiny of your Life
  • The Life Path that you are going to go through

Your Destiny of Life can be read to decode the following areas of life:

  • Wealth Luck Analysis
    • How is your Wealth Luck?
    • When is your money making time in life?
    • When should you be careful of "Wealth Robber"?
    • How can you improve your Wealth Luck?
  • Career Analysis
    • How is your Career Luck?
    • What type of Career will you do well and make a lot of money?
    • What type of Career will give you a smooth and an unobstructed life?
  • Relationship Analysis
    • How is your Romance Luck?
    • What is your Marriage Luck?
    • Is your spouse compatible to you?
    • Will your spouse be Favorable to you?
    • How can you improve your Relationship Luck?
  • Health Analysis
    • How is your Health Luck?
    • What type of Diseases should you be cautious?
    • Which part of your body is the most vulnerable?
    • When do you have to be most cautious of health problem?

Your Life Path can be read and decoded so that you will know the following:

  • Which period of your life is going to be good and smooth so that you can charge forward and go all out on whatever you pursue?
  • Which period of your life is bad, and will have lots of obstacles so that you should lie low and abstain from participating in risky sports or financial ventures?
  • Will this or next year be a good or bad year for you?


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4 Pillars of Destiny or Paht Chee Reading

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Your birth chart will be used by advanced students as case study during their 'Advanced Paht Chee Class'. Upon successful completion of their case study in practical, the selected student will reveal your life to you. All session will be done under the supervision of a Paht Chee teacher.


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