Bedroom Feng Shui Tips
eng Shui Tips for Bedroom to improve your romance luck, relationship luck, descendent luck or health
Sleep better with Feng Shui - overcome sleeping problems and sleeping disorders with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom to improve your  romance, relationship, descendent or health luck.

Feng Shui bedroom arrangement and layout design for better restful sleep to achieve health, romance, descendent and relationship.

When you are healthy and well rest from a good sleep, you are more alert and energetic during the day to perform better in your career or business venture thus generating income and wealth.

All of us spend a lot of time in the bedroom. You spend 7 to 8 hours sleeping. The Feng Shui of your bedroom affect you to a very large extend. Having the bed placed against a solid wall on an auspicious location in relation to your bedroom door and windows is very important if you wish to have good romance, relationship, descendent or health luck.

To enjoy additional feng shui benefits, you should take into consideration :

  • the color scheme of the bedroom wall and bed's head board.
  • your sleeping direction with 8-Mansion Compass Formula.
  • the location of your bed's head board with the correct mountain dragon with Flying Stars Feng Shui formula.  

Below is some illustration of good and bad feng shui arrangement and placement for bedroom.


Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

The bedroom door should not open directly
in the position of the bed.

At this position, the in-coming qi is too fast and is rushing directly into the bed each time the bedroom door is used. The rushing qi commonly known as "Sha qi" is negative for the occupant of the bedroom.

The remedy is to relocated the bed or the door to avoid the in-coming sha qi hitting directly at the bed or place a divider/partition between the bed and the door to slow down or block-off the in-coming sha qi. Once the qi is slowed down or meanders into your bedroom, it becomes good qi i.e "Sheng Q" which is fortunate energy for the occupant. Sheng Qi brings positive and benevolent events for the occupants of the bedroom.

Sleeping with the legs facing the bedroom door is another unlucky taboo because of the sha qi not because this is the position the dead is laid to rest for ritual practiced by Chinese community.

If a person is sleeping with their legs facing the main entrance to the house, I would think that is the dead man's position. This would be extremely unlucky position from both feng shui perspective and Chinese cultural belief.


Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

The headboard of the bed should not be sharing
 the same wall as the toilet.

Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

The dressing table mirror
should not reflect the bed.

Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

The headboard should not
be placed against any window.

Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

The bedroom door should not open directly
in the position of the bed.

Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

The headboard of the bed should not be sharing
the same wall as the door.

Good Bedroom Feng Shui

Bed should be placed with the headboard
against a solid wall.

Good Bedroom Feng Shui

A good bedroom arrangement


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