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Are you ready for Period 9?

The Flying star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) will be changing their influence on us. We are currently living in Period 8 which will end on 4th February 2024. Thereafter, Period 9 will begin. The shift does not happen overnight on the 4th February 2024. The change in influence has already begun. Itís a phasing in of waxing and waning of the characteristic of Qi.

When a house is built, the Yang Qi from heaven combines with the Yin Qi on Earth to create a Qi map in the house. Is your current Qi map fortunate for Period 9? Is the ruling star for Period 9 entering your house smoothly or blocked by a wall? Is the ruling star trapped in the center of the house, making the house very unfortunate?

If your well-being and livelihood has changed better recently, the new period star characteristic has brought you positive influence. If the change has been getting worse, the influence of the new period star was negative. Do you need the assistance of a classical Flying star master to audit your house and align your house to the new ruling start? Click here for consultation. Or, you may like to learn Flying Star Feng Shui so that you could make the correction yourself. For Feng Shui courses, click here.

Note:  Period 7 houses (houses built between Feb 1984 to Feb 2004) and Period 8 houses (house built between
Feb 2004 to Feb 2024) that are facing North-West (292.5˚ to 337.5˚) will have the biggest change in luck. It will begin to become extremely fortunate or unfortunate as we get nearer to Feb 2024.

More information on Feng Shui for Period 9 to added soon.


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