Basic Feng Shui Course
Enroll now, to grab the Bonus of using your own home as case study.
This bonus is worth more than the course fee.
Your home will be Feng Shuied at the end of the course..
 Offer on First-come, First-serve basis.

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Basic Feng Shui Course (28th to 30th June 2017)

Advanced Feng Shui Course (5th to 8th July 2017)  

Feng Shui Master Course       

Paht Chee Course

Learn authentic fundamental of feng shui so that your practice of feng shui always work. The feng shui fundamental taught in this feng shui course has not been written in books before and has not been taught by other feng shui master before. Read further for detail of this feng shui course.


Basic Feng Shui Course.
(28th to 30th June 2017)

The Authentic Fundamental of
Classical Feng Shui Course.

This is a 3 days intensive Feng Shui course taught by Feng Shui Master TY Tan personally in English.

Course Venue

Puchong (Suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Who should attend

Beginners who wish to learn & practice Authentic Chinese Classical Feng Shui that is proven.

Advanced Feng Shui Practitioners who wish to fine tune or upgrade their skills.

This Basic Feng Shui Course is a pre-requisite before attending the Advanced Feng Shui Course.




陰暘順逆妙難窮。二至還歸一九宮。若能了達陰陽理。 天地都來一掌中。

Song of Old Fisherman on the Misty Lake

"The wonder of yin-yang and forward-backward is immeasurable.

1 and 9 return home on the two Solstices.

If you understand the yin-yang theory
Heaven and Earth will be in your palm"


To be a successful feng shui practitioner, a solid and strong foundation of the fundamental of
Wu Ji, Tai Ji, Yin Yang and Wu Xing is absolutely needed.
The Basic feng shui class will provide detail and complete explanation on
Wu Ji, Tai Ji, Yin Yang & Wu Xing

to provide you a strong fundamental that you may need to fall back
to solve feng shui problems you never taught can be solved
by just going back to the fundamentals.


Day 1  

Fundamentals & Basic Knowledge of Feng Shui

          Registration & Introduction

          Fundamentals of Classical Feng Shui 
  that will change your view and practice of Feng Shui

-          Origin of Feng Shui

         Tools of Feng Shui & How to use it

         Wu Ji, Tai Ji, Yin Yang & Wu Xing Theory  

         Xian Tian Pa Kua & Hou Tian Pa Kua

         Direction & Compass

         Practical on taking direction with compass

          Symbolic Feng Shui & the art of placement

Day 2

8-Mansions Compass Formula

8-Mansions Compass Formula & Ming Gua

          The Formula

          Hou Tian Pa Kua / Luo Shu / He Tu

          Ming Gua Classical understanding & practice

          Trigrams & Formula

          Applications of 8-Mansions Formula

8-Mansions Compass Formula & House Gua

          The 8 Wandering Stars

          Doors & Pathway

          The Art of Placement

          Applications & Remedies

          8 House Bright Mirror Formula


Day 3

Interior & Exterior Structures

         Features producing Sheng Qi & Sha Qi

         Main Door Feng Shui

         Kitchen Feng Shui

         Bedroom Feng Shui

         Wind & Water

         Mountains & Rivers


Site Selection

        Shape of Land


          Case studies

          Practical case study on students' house
  This is offered on First-come, First-served as time is limited

          Graduation & certificate presentation


Learn the real secrets of 8-Mansions Compass Formula not found in books or taught by any Master.


Ba Zhai Template
with 8 House Bright Mirror Formula
will be taught and given to all students.

A brief video about Wu Xing (5 elements) in Feng Shui


The course's method:

All Feng Shui courses conducted at 1fengshui.com is conducted in English. It is practical, simple & effective whereby;

feng_shui_courses                     feng_shui_courses                      feng_shui_courses         
   Feng Shui Theories                           Feng Shui Case Studies                     Discussion

feng_shui_courses                        feng_shui_courses    
Feng Shui Case Studies                            Feng Shui Case Studies                               Feng Shui Case Studies

   feng_shui_courses                feng_shui_courses                  feng_shui_courses
Feng Shui Practical                           Feng Shui Practical                             Feng Shui Practical 


Another successful Feng Shui class

August 2009 - Basic Feng Shui Class




Why study with TY Tan

If you want real teaching,
not some lecture dressed up as a real class.

If you want to have all your doubts answered,
not just apply what you are told.

If you want a worthwhile learning experience,
with lots of case studies and practical

If you want an in-depth knowledge of the subject,
as nothing is held back.

If you want a solid foundation and
new insights into what you already knew.

If you wish to only pay for your studies,
and not for luxurious and long tea-break
or expensive 5 stars hotel conference room.

If you have only training in your mind,
and not just attending another update seminar. 

If you want personal attention,
as all classes are kept small

Enroll early to avoid disappointment.

TY Tan ensure that you leave his class
with a complete theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

In case you need more than the first live class, TY Tan has the following:-

-         You can repeat any of the courses within 12 months with a 80% discount off the course fee.

-         If you wish to turn professional after completing the Master Feng Shui course, you can opt to take a 12 months Private Mentoring Program (PMP)
with TY Tan, whereby gu
idance and mentoring will be provided
to assist you in setting up a professional practice. 


Attend one of my class and
you will know the difference

Basic Feng Shui Course

All Feng Shui Courses
are conducted in
English by TY Tan.


The No. 1 Feng Shui Training & Consulting Centre

 Course Venue : Lecture Room
63A, Jalan PU7/4,
Taman Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel: 018-38 128 38 (WhatsApp)

Puchong is a major suburb town near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For location map to 1FengShui office, click here.

tories from our Feng Shui students

I am so happy for the course I attended last few days in Kuala Lumpur with you. I'll do the enrollment to join the next advanced course. I am interesting to know the didactic programs that we will study in advanced course and in master course.

Actually I am practicing with 8 mansion that you taught and things are going well.

....   Alejandro Sole Costa, Florence, Italy

  Every student left our Feng Shui Courses with satisfaction & confidence !

  For More stories from my students - Click Here



Basic Feng Shui Course.
(28th to 30th June 2017)
Time : 10 am to 5 pm  
(Be prepared to stay late for extended study)

This is the last classroom course for Basic Feng Shui.

After practicing Feng Shui since 1982, and teaching Feng Shui since 2005, Master TY Tan has started to teach the subject online in 2016. This is to spread the knowledge of Feng Shui to all corners of the world as his dream.

All future classes based on the same course material will be conducted via web conferencing. Click here, for more information on the online class.


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