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Water Feng Shui - The Wealth Spot

There are three components in water feng shui including the body of water, flow of water and the water mouth.


The body of water is to retain wealth. The larger the body of water, the amount of qi retained or accumulated will be more.

The flow of water is to enhance income, so make sure the flow of water is directed towards your main door or window. It must be visible from the house. The flow must be smooth and strong but not to fast.

The water mouth, which is also known as the wealth spot is the location within the entire water form which is the most vibrant. Activating the water mouth is the most powerful feng shui secret for wealth and income enhancement.

"Feng" means wind and "Shui" means water in Chinese. Feng Shui is the study, understanding and dealing with wind and water.

The classic statement, in the book of burial by Master Guo Pu, Jin Dynasty

“the WIND disperse the QI and WATER will contain it”

was the main study of classical feng shui students and masters for centuries.

In this context, qi refers to energy. Qi is carried and dispersed by wind and it is retained by water when it meets water. Wind is the transporter and water is the accumulator of qi.

We cannot control the direction that wind comes and goes from a site. But water, being an accumulator of qi, can direct the flow of qi. With water feng shui formula, we can build a water feature with a flow and it is this flow that directs the qi to bring fortune or misfortune to the site.

Water is the most potent Feng Shui enhancer or remedy for good luck if place on the right location (Wealth Spot) and at the right time with the correct flow and body of water.

Once your wealth spot for the house is located, you may wish to build or purchase a ready made water feature to activate your income and wealth luck.

You have to be aware that there is a different between a flow of water and a body of water. A flow of water is an income enhancer and a body of water is a wealth accumulator. The water flow has to be oriented to flow towards a door or a window if placed outside the house.

If placed inside the house the water must never be placed to flow out towards a door or window. For water flow inside the house orientate the flow towards the center of the house. This is one of the most important basic principle of water feng shui.


Examples of location water mouth (Wealth Spot)

The location and direction the water mouth in relation to the main door of a built-structure such as residential home, condominium, apartment, shopping complexes, offices complexes, factories, etc is the utmost important feng shui arrangement to attract wealth and money for the occupants.



At turning point of river



Where a river runs into a sea or lake.


Where two rivers meet.


Where a waterfall meets a pond or river.


At turning point of roads as road is equivalent to river, and traffic is equivalent to water.


At junction of roads.


Car park entry gates as water mouth to your main door. Make sure that there is only one main gate so that the qi is not confused. If there is second gate, make sure the second gate is smaller.


To have a water feature that brings amazing wealth luck, we have to work on the Ba Gua, 24 mountains of Fei Xin and 64 hexagrams Da Gua feng shui formula to locate the Water mouth (Wealth Spot). If an auspicious timing and day is selected to activate the water feature, the Chinese called it activating the Water Dragon, the effect, intensity and quantum of wealth luck is going to be tremendous.

"Water Dragon matching House"

and connecting "Water Dragon to People"

The Art of locating the wealth spot and date selection are taught in the Master Feng Shui course.


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TY Tan is based in Puchong, Malaysia and he conducts on-site Feng Shui consultation within Malaysia and online Feng Shui consultation worldwide.

TY Tan practices Chinese Classical Compass Formula Feng Shui. He uses Eight Mansions and Xuan Kong Flying Star Compass Formula in his Feng Shui analysis for homes and businesses. To ensure effectiveness in his Feng Shui recommendation, he uses Xuan Kong Da Gua formula in locating the wealth spot in homes or business and a special date and time would be selected for wealth spot activation.

He incorporates life reading using 4 Pillars of Destiny (Paht Chee or BAZI) in Feng Shui analysis in order to improve his client's overall luck.



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