Main Door Feng Shui - Feng Shui of Door
Feng Shui of the main entrance or feng shui of the main door is the most important part of feng shui. The fengshui of all other doors such as the feng shui of the back door or the feng shui of the side door is also important. For relationship and romance luck the feng shui of the bedroom door has to be at its best location and direction.

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Feng Shui of your Main Door

Every school of Feng Shui stressed the importance of the feng shui main entrance to your home. Your main entrance to your home is the mouth of your home where most chi enters. Your main entrance will determine whether the Feng Shui of your home is good or bad. Besides, the feng shui of the main entrance or the feng shui of the main door, the feng shui of all other doors such as the feng shui of the bedroom door and the feng shui of the back door or the side door are also important.

Before even you think about improving the feng shui of your home, protecting and feng shui your main entrance first. Below are important feng shui tips for the feng shui of your main doo

1) Main door should have a protective roof. 

2) Main door should be made of solid wood.

3) Main door should open inwards and have 2 leaves

4) Main door should not be under a toilet/bathroom.

5) Main door should look out to an open space.

6) Main door should open into an open space.

7) Main door should not face a stair case or toilet

8) Main door should have protective symbol but not a Pa Kua.

9) Main door should face one of your personal fortunate direction.

10) Main door should be located at one of your house's fortunate location.

11) Main door should be located at fortunate timely water star.

12) Size of main door should be measured to fortunate dimensions using a Feng Shui ruler.







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