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Feng Shui Seminar

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Don't attempt to buy a house until you've attend this Feng Shui seminar.

Learn how to select a good feng shui house in 1 Day.

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Feng Shui Seminar for House Buyer.

Buying your dream house can be a very costly mistake if you are not equipped with any basic knowledge in Feng Shui. Why buy an ill-fated Feng Shui home when you can choose one that is fortunate for your family.


The nightmares of buying an ill-fated Feng Shui house with your hard earned saving can be avoided with the knowledge gained at this one-day seminar.

This is a one-day seminar for beginners to learn what type of property to buy & what not to buy from exterior & interior Feng Shui perspective.

This is not a Feng Shui tips preview or annual Feng Shui update. This seminar will cover :-

  • How to use a compass to measure the direction of a house or apartment.House_hunting_Luo_Pan

  • How to demarcate a property.

  • A specially designed template for house hunting will be given free (worth US$68.00) and how to use the template to evaluate the Feng shui of a house will be taught.

  • With the template participant can evaluate any house without having the need to know any feng shui formula. Master TY Tan has simplified and decoded the 8-Mansions Feng Shui formula and Flying Star Feng shui formula on the template. 

  • How select a good feng shui site.

  • What to look for & what to avoid in land selection.

  • What to look for & what to avoid on the Exterior Landscape.

  • What to look for & what to avoid on the Interior layout & common design affliction.


Who should attend:-

  • Those who are planning to buy or rent a new home.

  • Those who are planning to buy a business property.

  • Those who are planning to look for a new business premise to rent.

  • House owner who are concern about the feng shui of their current home or business premises.

  • Those who wish to learn the basic of how to feng shui a property.


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Feedback from feng shui seminar attendees:


Master Tan's way of teaching make feng shui very simple to understand. So many practical examples. Would definitely recommend this class to my friends.
Yuki, Cheras, Malaysia

Interesting, clear & fun seminar. Worth for what we pay for.
Peggy Tung, Puchong, Malaysia.

I should have attended your seminar before booking my new house. The seminar is really informative. Your template is practical and easy to use.
Ms Law, Johore Bahru, Malaysia     

Master Tan, your short seminar is much more informative than full course conducted by other Feng Shui Masters. I really like the small group whereby everyone has the opportunity to ask you questions.
Mr Choo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I should have attended your seminar before booking my new house. The seminar is really informative. Your template is practical and easy to use. The seminar is very useful for house hunter.
Ms Law, Johore Bahru

I attended your seminar on 10 Jan 2009. I write to say thank you for a seminar well done. It is really value for money. I highly recommend your seminar to anyone who are interested to learn Feng Shui.
Ms Tan, Kuala Lumpur








Feng Shui Seminar for House Buyer   
16th April 2011 (Saturday)
10.00 am to 5.00 pm
(Be prepared to stay back late)

Venue :
1FengShui.com, 63A, Jalan PU 7/4,
Taman Puchong Utama, Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia


Learn in one day - how to select a good feng shui house.

Buy Ticket Online now RM380.00
Limited ticket available with early bird discount.
to enquire for date of seminar before you buy the ticket.

Number of Tickets

Regular ticket price is RM980 per person before early bird discount.

Registration at counter on day of seminar : Ticket price is RM980 per person

Handout will be given to every participant.

Feng Shui Seminar for House Buyer

Seminar coming to Johore Bahru and Penang

50% Discount - Pre-registration is opened.
Please email for registration form. First-come, first-serve basis

to enquire for date of seminar.


If you can buy a good feng shui house,

                                 why buy a house that is broken in feng shui, then try to fix it.

If the feng shui of the house is already bad, your feng shui master can only help you to fix the internal of your house to avoid the "sha qi" but there is no "sheng qi" to tap. Your feng Shui Master cannot fix the external environment or landscape. He or she can only help you to avoid the bad structure or "sha qi" to improve your house feng shui.

Fixing a bad feng shui house is just trying to improve a lousy feng shui house to a house that is not that bad in feng shui. In the first place, if you can find and buy a good feng shui house, why not? Maybe, you have very little feng shui knowledge.

Read on, click here.

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