Feng Shui consulting services offered by Chinese Feng Shui Consultant and Feng Shui Master TY Tan. We offer online feng shui consulting services, on-site feng shui consulting services and off-site feng shui consulting services in Malaysia and worldwide. Our feng shui consulting services cover house feng shui, office feng shui and business feng shui.

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Feng Shui Consulting services for house feng shui, office feng shui and business feng shui. We offer online feng shui consulting service, on-site feng shui consulting service and off-site feng shui consulting service.

All our feng shui consulting services are conducted by our in-house feng shui master and feng shui consultants.

Will Feng Shui work for you ?

Of course, Feng Shui will work for you.

Feng Shui works for anyone regardless of you cultural or religious background. However, Feng Shui works differently for different people. To some people the effect of Feng Shui is immediate. While the effect may take a longer time for others. Some will have a greater impact while others have a lesser impact. It is because all of us have a different Heaven and Mankind luck. Overall, Feng Shui will work for everyone.


Don't believe me. Check out for yourself the following:

"Firstly, I wish to thank you for the great feng shui consulting job you have done for me in 2004. I am doing so well that I am planning to purchase a new office cum store  building and a new double storey home. I need you to help me in the pre-purchase selection with your feng shui expertise."

                                                     ...  J Choo, Puchong, Malaysia

"I have some great news.  I had a job interview this week.  On Tuesday, August 22, I interviewed for a director's position at a university in my home town.  Thursday, August 24, I was offered the position.  I will start my new job on September 18. The job pays much more money per year than I am making at my current job. Thank you, Mr. Tan, for your Feng Shui expertise. I can tell you that I am very happy with the results." 

                                                     ... Patricia, Nebraska, USA

"Mr Tan, your feng shui recommendation has worked so fast that I just do not believe it myself. I have managed to sell my share of the Company that I always wanted yesterday. Thanks a lot for your help." 

                                                    ... Mr J Ang, Penang, Malaysia


"I just don't believe that my financial problem was resolved within just a few weeks after your recommendation to relocate my aquarium. Also I just got a large project and I will be traveling to Ipoh very frequently.  
                                                    ... Mr Chan, Puchong, Malaysia


"TY, you are an incredible Feng Shui man. I would recommend you to anyone seeking Feng Shui consulting. Your Feng Shui reports and recommendations are so simple and practical but it is effective."

Thank you.                                     ...Mr Leong, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

"Just a quick note of thanks for your kind assistant to Feng Shui my business.  My business is so much better now and there is less staff problem. Cash-flow has improved and thanks again."

                                                     ...Mr Chong, Puchong, Malaysia


"Thank you for helping me to Feng Shui my home. I really do not expect the result come so fast. It is only 5 weeks and my home based business has increased by 10%." 

                                                     ... Alice Tan, Johore Bahru, Malaysia

The testimonies above are some of my Feng Shui clients that have written to me and are most happy to share their success stories with you. The names above are abbreviated to protect my client's privacy.

At 1FengShui.com, all Feng Shui consultation is private and confidential. I will never reveal any detail of my client or their success stories without their approval.

Privacy is assured.                        ... Mr TY Tan, Malaysia


What is Feng Shui?

When is the best time to undertake Feng Shui Consultation?

Should I pay for professional feng shui consulting service if I am only an investor because I am not going to live in the house?

Why seek professional Feng Shui consulting?

Will Feng Shui work for you?

About the Feng Shui Consultant


Water Feng Shui

Water is the most potent Feng Shui enhancer or remedy for good luck
if place on the right location
(Wealth Spot) and at the right time.

Read on, click here



What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a complex ancient wisdom passed down through many generations by the Chinese and is a living skill use throughout the Orient for many centuries.

Today, Feng Shui is widely used in Asia especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan and is gaining acceptance in countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, etc.

Feng Shui is use to improve our life in many aspects. However, wealth luck, health luck, romance luck being the most sought after.

Feng Shui is the Chinese Art of capturing and the use of the Dragon's cosmic breath, the Chinese called it Qi, the invisible energy that moves and circulates across mountains and water. Wherever qi settles and accumulates, it brings fortune or misfortune to man.

In the beginning, Feng Shui was the study of how qi circulates, moves around mountains and settles with water. This is the basis of landform Feng Shui. Later, compass formula Feng Shui was developed through many centuries of observation. And through many generations of dedicated scholars the flying stars compass formula was developed. Flying Stars Compass formula provides a systematic method to locate this invisible energy in our environment. The flying star formula is one of the most powerful and effective feng shui practiced by the Chinese for generations.

In Asia especially Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, professional feng shui master is highly sought after for their precise skill in feng shui consulting. Appointment for feng shui consulting sometimes may take many months of waiting. 



When is the best time to undertake Feng Shui Consultation?

Feng Shui consultation is best taken when you are at the planning stage to build, buy (Pre-purchase) or rent a new home. The external landscape of the surrounding is one of the most important factors that determine the Feng Shui of any home. Once a bad location is selected, the Feng Shui of your home can only be improved with Feng Shui principles by Feng Shui cures and remedies. 

For good Feng Shui, the location and the facing direction of your new home should blend well with the external forms of mountains and water.

Once a good location is selected, Feng Shui principles should be incorporated during the designing stage of the home. By doing so during this stage you will avoid costly renovation later.

Another good time to seek Feng Shui consultation is when your wealth or health luck took a drastic turn after 2004. This is because of the change of Feng Shui Qi in the year 2004 based on the time dimension of Feng Shui. If this is happening to you, consult a Flying Star Feng Shui consultant and the problems could be fixed.

If luck has not been with you since you moved to a new home and it is getting worse after 2004, Feng Shui consultation with a genuine Feng Shui Consultant seems to be a must if you wish to improve your life instead of getting worse with the passage of time.

Lastly, an annual Feng Shui update by your Feng Shui Consultant should not be left out. Annually, the distribution of the annual stars change and this annual stars have a great impact on everyone's life.

Should I pay for feng shui consulting if I am only an investor because I am not going to live in the house?

Of course you should get professional Feng Shui consulting service.

From my personal experience, if the Feng Shui of your investment is good you are not going to have problem renting it out and collecting your rental on time. The tenant is going to enjoy good Feng Shui and hence have good income and wealth luck. Thus for the tenenat to pay you the rental on-time is not going to be a problem.

You may have a different type of problem when your tenant has made so much money and he/she is going to buy their own home. But naturally they are going to give you a good offer to buy the home they are living in if they know that the good Feng Shui has made them rich. However, if they are not going to buy from you, it is still not going to be a major problem for you.  This is because good Feng Shui house can be rented out easily and the good cycle starts again.

So don't you think your investment is only going to be as good as its Feng Shui !

Well, if you are going to buy and sell only, Feng Shui consulting service from a professional feng shui consultant is still going to be very important, too. A good Feng Shui property can be sold much easier and for a better price than a bad one.



Why seek professional Feng Shui consulting?

Classical Feng Shui is so complex that reading a few books or attending a few courses is not going to provide you with sufficient knowledge or practice to tap the optimum fortunate earth's energy.

If you have been practicing Xuan Kong flying star feng shui formula and realised that sometimes your formula works and sometimes it doesn't, there is something important you have missed out.  This reason alone is enough to convince you to seek professional feng shui consulting servies or learn from a true feng shui master or feng shui trainer.



Feng Shui Master TY Tan is based in Puchong, Malaysia and he conducts on-site Feng Shui consulting service and off-site Feng Shui consulting service within Malaysia, and online Feng Shui consulting service worldwide.

TY Tan practices Chinese Classical Compass Formula Feng Shui. He uses Eight Mansions and Xuan Kong Flying Star Compass Formula in his Feng Shui analysis for homes and businesses. To ensure effectiveness in his Feng Shui recommendation, he uses Xuan Kong Da Gua formula in locating the wealth spot in homes or business and a special date and time would be selected for wealth spot activation.

He incorporates life reading using 4 Pillars of Destiny (Paht Chee or BAZI) in Feng Shui consulting analysis in order to improve his client's overall luck.



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